This 1.3" (33 mm) gold hard enamel pin features green lily pads with a pink flower, an orange koi, and a golden frog against a blue background. It comes on a 3.3" by 2.16" (8.38 cm by 5.49 cm) cotton backing card made from the offcuts of t-shirts.

This design, inspired by my embroidery of lily ponds, began in pen on the back of a grocery store receipt. From there it became a digital drawing and was tweaked until it became the enamel pin you see above.

The pin is secured to the backing card with a black rubber stopper that allows the pin to be worn securely on a lapel, hat, jacket -- or anywhere you like.

On lily ponds:
Lily ponds feature in much of my work. Water has been part of my life from a young age. Some of my earliest memories are walking up the hill in my grandparents' backyard to a pond just off their property (the owner, a friend of my grandparents, was nice enough to let us visit it as long as we were safe). From the time I was a toddler into college my mother's entire family would spend Labor Day weekend packed onto a houseboat on a gorgeous lake on the Kentucky-Tennessee border.

I suppose it's no surprise then that a pond full of life became one of my favorite subjects to stitch.


These pins will be available for $10 and seconds will be available for $7, seconds being pins with a minor imperfection or imperfections such as a piece of dust in the enamel or a small area of discoloration.